Production of
crude tall oil

Grades STM2 / LTM


15,000 tons per year

Our tall oil production shop is located on the territory of the Arkhangelsk Pulp and Paper Mill. Here we produce about 15,000 tons of tall oil per year from coniferous and deciduous sulfate soap by processing residual products of pulp production.

The technological flow of continuous decomposition of sulfate soap was put into operation in 2005 and was designed by Reinvest (Poland) and Archgiprobum CJSC (Russia).

The entire technological process is carried out on the company’s own equipment.

Our production


The workshop of the enterprise is located in the monoblock of the TPP-3 building of bleached sulfate pulp production of the Arkhangelsk Pulp and Paper Mill JSC


The equipment is owned by the company and is located at four marks of the workshop on the territory of the Pulp and Paper Mill

Technological flow

It was put into operation in 2005 and was designed by Reinvest and Archgiprobum CJSC


It was opened in 2010 for quality control of finished products and development of new products

Application of STM2 / LTM
oil in industry

BiofuelsCrude tall oil rectification products Road construction Inhibiting preservation coatings Acid, hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide and atmospheric corrosion inhibitors Cutting fluids for metal processing Oil and gas complex Metallurgical industry Tire industry

Qualitative characteristics

Produced according to specifications TS 20.14.71-001-32497462-2019

Name of indicatorsSTM2 (SWTO2)LTM (HWTO)
AppearanceOily product of brown or dark brown color
Acid number, mg KOH per 1 g of oil, not less12096
Mass fraction of resin acids, %, not less20
Mass fraction of unsaponifiable substances, %, no more2025
Mass fraction of lignin and mechanical impurities, %, no moreNot defined
Mass fraction of the sum of fatty acids, resin acids and neutral substances, %, not less91
Mass fraction of water, %, no more22

Tall Oil Delivery Options

Railway tanks with steam jacket Motor transport

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